Monday, April 21, 2014

Men, Don't be Afraid of Colour when it comes to Fashion

By D. Eze

Men have an abject fear of using colour in their wardrobe.  Their fashion landscape is often really bleak, only consisting of grays, whites, navys and blacks - and high fashion menswear is often the forefront when it comes to a smart use of colour.  Now don't get me wrong. grays, whites, navys and blacks are important for anyone's wardrobe.  They help to balance out an outfit and allow the colours you do include to pop and become extra special.  But they should not be the only colours you choose. 

So deprived are men that I imagine that they eye their wifes and girlfriends enviously.  The women sport every shade in the rainbow well the men wish they could just sport 1.  They see their partners swathed with bright purples and turquoise polka dots, shirts in the neon pink and scarfs in psychedelic blues and think to themselves  "Why can't I wear those colours too? It's just not fair."

Well, I'm hear to tell you that you can.  You can wear those colours too and look damn good in them as well.

Colour is finally here guys so there is no need to yearn any longer.  They come in bright blues and reds and they come in various types of clothing including shoes, pants and jackets.  You don't have to relegate yourself to using colour in your socks and ties, you can be swathed in it and have everyone see your wonderful sense of style.

Yes men, colour is the trend and it is calling your name.

Here is just a small sample of the options available to you if you want to dare to be bold and take advantage of this hot new trend.

Imagine stepping out in these Burgundy Incotex Slim Fit Trousers. They add the exact amount of colour you need to make you stand out in the crowd without making a fool of yourself. You could wear these to the office, on a date or to the pub to watch the game. They provide just the right amount of fashion without being too pretentious. It also fits in with the trend of the last few season to add a splash of colour to your trouser game. The colours have been omnipresent on the runways, though of a high wattage (super bright colour pants are not for everyone), and these Burgundy Incotex Slim Fit Trousers allow you to take advantage of a hot trend in a really cool way.

This Italian Wool-Blend Turquoise Hoodie is also a great choice if you want to add some colour to your casual wear wardrobe. This hoodie is versatile and wearable for many different occasions. If it is coupled with a dark pair of pants it can really make you pop and stand out.

Same goes for this Burgundy Roll-Neck Sweater. It is very casual and comfortable and can be worn in many different situations. The colour complements many different skin tones and provides you with the ability look sharp with little effort.

Colour is your friend guys. There no need to run and hide from it. Embrace it and it can yield many wonderful benefits for you. It will make you look smarter for thinking to include something in your wardrobe that makes you look good unlike your slovenly friends. It will make you look like you care about your appearance which we all do and it will make you stand out from the crowd which we all hope to do.

Why not take advantage of the trend and add a little colour to your pallet.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Toronto city manager says city needs new taxes

In a Friday morning speech, city manager Joe Pennachetti spoke bluntly about Toronto's revenue problem and the city's housing crisis, and even made an obvious swipe at delinquent Mayor Rob Ford.

"If you hear anyone — I won’t say who — say we’re broke, it’s incorrect," says Pennachetti.

He also said that while the city’s financial footing is strong, if Torontonians truly want to be world-class, the city needs to take in more money — his preference being a sales tax or a slice of the HST.

“We are the sixth largest government in Canada,” Pennachetti said. “We do not have the revenue tools that we should have.”

This, he continued, is the only way Toronto can both grow and deal with issues such as affordable housing and congestion.

Tacking on 1 per cent to the price of locally purchased goods would bring in $500 million, which would “fix everything,” he said. But even half a percent would be enough to pay for transit expansion.

He pointed to the example of American cities, which often collect sales tax and parking taxes, among others, to expand and invest in infrastructure.

Pennachetti also defended the unpopular land transfer tax — “from my perspective, I needed it” — and praised environmental advancements the city has made — “It’s been an amazing story that often goes unnoticed.”

He also gave credit to his former boss, ex-mayor David Miller. It was during Miller’s tenure at the helm of city government that the city launched many of its fiscal reforms, including long-term financial planning - planning that will benefit Toronto for many decades to come.

Unless of course Mayor Rob Ford manages to claw back some of his power and destroys much of what Miller fought to give Toronto.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Essay Writing Services Vs Academic Dishonesty at the University of Toronto

By J. D. Noland - February 2014.

Do you know what the #1 reason why many university students at the University of Toronto hire someone else to write their essay for them using an essay writing service?

It is actually NOT because they are lazy. Or rich. Although those two factors are certainly a contributing factor.

The number one reason why University of Toronto students plagiarize essays is because they don't know how to write an essay.

In writing this I have spoken to a number of university professors and determined that there are two types of students in university.

#1. Those who know how to write an essay properly.

#2. Those that don't know how to write an essay, and quite possibly have NEVER written an essay in their entire lives.

So when a professor assigns an essay in class, say 2000 words (10 pages, double spaced) students who have never written an essay before, who have difficulty writing anything, who were never taught essay writing in high school - well, they panic.

And they turn to essay writing companies like, a Toronto based company which provides editing and proofreading services, but also can write research papers for students who are too busy to write it themselves or simply don't even know how to write an essay.

What is interesting is how plagiarism is not illegal, but academic dishonesty at Canadian universities is a cause for expulsion. So if they get caught students face expulsion if the professor can prove the student did not write the actual essay.

The problem however is that essay writing companies are getting very good at writing these essays and that students are getting better at faking that they wrote it themselves.

Basically if the student reads the essay before submitting it, has their name/etc all on it, possibly even modifies the essay a bit to add some personal touches - then they can pull off an A+ quality essay with barely doing any real work.

Part of the problem is that high schools have been dumbing down the quality of education in Ontario.

Students in Ontario high schools don't write essays that often any more and as such many Ontario high school graduates leave the school and enter university or college life without ever writing a single essay. The curriculum is now mostly multiple choice / true or false quizzes, tests (with very few essay questions), and a large chunk of each class grade is participation (typically 10%) and attendance (10%). That means students can basically skip writing essays during the essay questions on tests and it will effect less than 5% of the grade.

When I was in university (1992 to 1997) we wrote essays regularly, at least once per month, and I now write blog posts and ezine articles for a living.

When I went to university I quickly learned that essay writing was a much desired skill in university and that if you didn't know how, you weren't going to do that well in class. Fortunately I was one of those people who know how to write essays.

Another factor these days is texting on cellphones and chatting online using text lingo. eg. "Hey wazzup m8?" Basically it is kids that have been raised texting on their cellphones all the time and when asked to write essays (or write anything) they are resort to using text lingo during their writing because it is the only way they know how to write. (Spellcheck, what is that?)

I remember seeing the ads posted all over the University of Toronto St George campus too, offering essay writing services. Being good at essay writing it didn't really bother me at the time.

However I have since rethought my position, and let me explain why.

University professors often mark students on a bell curve. Meaning the vast majority of students will get Bs, a bunch will get B+s or C+s, even less will get As or Cs and the rare few will get A+s, Ds or Fs.

Which means that my essays which got B+s or As might have gotten As or A+s if all the students who were plagiarizing their work had been disqualified somehow.

Which makes me rather annoyed. I should have gotten better marks than what I received.

But at the same time I also realize something. The universities are basically powerless to stop academic dishonesty. Oh sure, they offer free programs on "how to write an essay", but the programs are not mandatory and they are rarely used by students.

I also found out an interesting factoid.

80% of students who commit academic dishonesty are female. (This might explain why women are getting higher marks in the social sciences and humanities programs, but not in the science fields where they are tied with men.)

Basically what it is is that 80% of the people that hire a company that offers essay writing services are young women, typically between the ages of 18 and 24.

Often they have a lot of money and keep coming back for more essays. It is rarely a single case of cheating on essay homework. It is multiple essays per year, often all for the same class.

Thus an university professor won't notice the changes in their writing style because all the essays might still be written by the same person working for the essay writing company.

The only way they might notice is if they compared essay questions on tests to essays handed in for assignments. But essay questions on tests are often really short and take up less than 5 paragraphs.

The University of Toronto apparently has one of the highest rates of academic dishonesty in Canada. The proof? There are multiple essay writing companies with offices smack dab near the St George campus.

And what is the university doing about essay writing companies in Toronto? Well, basically nothing.

And Ontario high schools? What are they doing to make certain students learn how to write an essay? They keep dumbing down the education so that

I think they should start forcing kids to write essays every September about what they did during the summer. Maybe then kids would actually learn how to write an essay before they reach university.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heavy Metal isn't that loud

Call it a pet peeve if you want, but I really get annoyed when people express ignorant stereotyped opinions on the musical genre "Heavy Metal".

And what it really comes down to is complete ignorance of the genre - suggesting that they have never - EVER! - even listened to a single piece of Heavy Metal music.

Part of this stereotype that Heavy Metal is super loud and promotes anarchy / devil worship / etc is the result of the Christian right wing spreading misinformation for decades.

Which is really no surprise. Right wing Christians have hated every musical genre since Elvis. According to them rock and roll, disco, rap, heavy metal, goth music, electronica, and many other musical genres were all the work of the devil.

And it didn't matter what genre it was, it was all "too loud" and "probably causes hearing damage".

Let face it, if it is not gospel music then they were doomed to hate it. You just cannot make religious fanatics happy if you play anything less or more than what they deem acceptable.

And so instead, for decades, the Christian right wing has been spreading horrible lies about various musical genres - not just Heavy Metal - claiming that it is too loud, that you cannot understand the words, that it "sounds like devil's music", and similar such nonsense - all of which shows a complete lack of knowledge of the genre.

What is more, what they are basing such sentiments on is often stereotypes of the genre shown in movies and TV shows, stereotypes which are not accurate depictions of a musical genres in question.

For example in the clip below Spock (from Star Trek - The Voyage Home) incapictates a man on a bus listening to loud punk music (it is not Heavy Metal, it is clearly punk music. The problem however is that many people cannot tell the difference between Heavy Metal and punk.

What it really comes down to is the problem that most people don't know what Heavy Metal is. They have confused Heavy Metal with more extreme examples of punk or even electronica music, not knowing what the differences are.

To prove my point I am going to show you some YouTube clips from the animated TV show "Metalocalypse" - which includes many different examples of Heavy Metal music.

What is more, is the number of times I have had to explained to ignorant people that Heavy Metal often goes alongside / imitates classical music. Pieces like "Moonlight Sonata" on guitar.

To which the typical response is "What? That is ridiculous!"

Complete lack of knowledge on their behalf.

Sometimes it is also the reverse - classical musicians who love and imitate Heavy Metal.

Just see the musical playlists below to see what I mean.


Honestly I just hope this blog post has been educational, so people can realize that Heavy Metal isn't going to give them hearing damage (although loud music can still do that to you if you play it too loud).

Incidentally most hearing damage is actually caused by occupational work and not wearing adequate ear protection around machinery. (Although if you are suffering hearing damage from your workplace I strongly recommend getting a hearing test from a local audiologist.)

After all, if Heavy Metal (or loud music in general) caused hearing damage, why are there not a lot more musicians who have hearing damage?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Perjury trial for Mounties connected to Dziekanski Taser case

The first of four RCMP officers who tasered to death Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was brought to trial today on charges of perjury. Dziekanski died after he was repeatedly stunned with multiple Tasers at Vancouver’s airport. The trial beginning today (Monday June 10th 2013) comes almost 6 years after the death of the Polish immigrant.

Const. Bill Bentley was among four officers who confronted Dziekanski in October 2007, stunning him multiple times with a Taser within seconds of arriving to a call about a man throwing furniture. Dziekanski died on the airport floor without even putting up a struggle.

The fatal confrontation fuelled a national debate about the safety of Tasers and police brutality, prompting a public inquiry in B.C. that forced Bentley and the other three officers to account for why they used so much force so quickly on a man who, on an amateur video of the incident, appeared calm when police arrived.

Instead of waiting for a translator to help speak to the immigrant the officers instead decided to shoot him multiple times with tasers. Only 1 is necessary to incapacitate a grown man. Multiple tasers, used repeatedly, is deadly.

Commissioner Thomas Braidwood’s final report concluded the officers used too much force and had no justification for using the Taser.

The report prompted the province to appoint a special prosecutor to review the case. In May 2011, the prosecutor approved perjury charges against Bentley, Const. Kwesi Millington, Const. Gerry Rundell and Cpl. Benjamin Robinson.

The officers all pleaded not guilty and none of the allegations have been proven in court. Bentley’s lawyer, David Butcher, said at the time the charges were approved that there was “no substance to the allegations at all.”

But the video doesn't lie.

Police officers on trial for murder and police brutality do lie. Lies galore. Or utter silence.

Butcher did not respond to a request for comment ahead of Bentley’s trial. A receptionist at Butcher’s law firm directed calls about the case to his colleague, Peter Wilson, who also did not respond.

Bentley, who started working as an RCMP officer since the spring of 2006, is the first to stand trial. Separate trials are scheduled for the others this coming November and February of next year.

Dziekanski arrived in Vancouver on Oct. 13, 2007, as he moved to Canada to live with his mother in Kamloops. He was in the airport for nearly 10 hours, unable to communicate with anyone because he did not speak English.

In the early morning of Oct. 14, Dziekanski became distraught and began throwing furniture. Several bystanders called 911.

The four officers arrived several minutes later and immediately approached Dziekanski.

In the video, Bentley can be seen hopping over a railing and walking through a sliding security door as he and the other officers approached Dziekanski, who stood with his hands by his sides.

Within seconds, the officers surrounded Dziekanski and one of them fired his Taser multiple times, causing Dziekanski to scream and writhe on the floor.

The video, captured by a traveller at the airport, was played countless times at the inquiry, with Bentley and the other officers narrating the clip with their versions of what happened.

Bentley testified that, based on the 911 call and Dziekanski’s appearance, he approached Dziekanski prepared for a possible fight.

He said at first Dziekanski was calm, but then he became “unco-operative” when he threw his hands up and walked away.

Bentley testified Dziekanski picked up a stapler, turned toward the officers and swung it in their direction, with the stapler coming within a foot of him.

The video does not show Dziekanski swinging the stapler, but his back is to the camera — a limitation the officers’ lawyers focused on during the inquiry.

Bentley was also confronted at the inquiry with his own notes from that night and his subsequent statement to homicide investigators.

He included the following account in his notes: “Subject grabbed stapler and came at members screaming.”

But in the video Dziekanski did no such thing. Indicating that that part of the report was a complete fabrication.

At the inquiry, Bentley conceded the note was wrong, but said he was confused about a fast-moving situation. He later insisted the note was “somewhat accurate” because Dziekanski did start screaming once he was stunned with the Taser.

“If we didn’t have a video of this matter, would you be here today telling us that the subject grabbed a stapler and came at the members screaming? Would that be your evidence?” asked commission lawyer Patrick McGowan.

“I don’t know,” replied Bentley, evidently uncomfortable at his own lies being caught.

Several lawyers at the inquiry, including a lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother and a lawyer representing the Polish government, accused Bentley and the other officers outright lying — an accusation they all denied.

In the end, the commissioner did not believe Bentley’s testimony about why Dziekanski was stunned with a Taser.

Braidwood alleged Bentley’s attempts to explain his inaccurate police notes were “after-the-fact rationalizations” that were “patently unbelievable,” and he contended Bentley’s notes and his statements to homicide investigators contained “deliberate misrepresentations made for the purpose of justifying” his actions.

Braidwood also alleged Bentley displayed a “willingness to repeatedly misrepresent what happened at the airport for self-serving purposes,” including at the inquiry.

Braidwood was appointed to investigate the circumstances of Dziekanski’s death and make recommendations to prevent something similar from happening in the future. He did not have the authority to assign legal blame - that would have to wait for a criminal trial.

Under cross-examination by his own lawyer, Bentley was asked if he had anything to say to Dziekanski’s mother, Zofia Cisowski, who was in the hearing room.

“That I’m sorry for her loss and that my heart goes out to her and her family,” replied Bentley.

Cisowski later told reporters she did not accept the apology.

After all, if the police murdered your child for kicks, would you accept their lies and less-than-earnest apology?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Calgary's Mysterious Arrow Shot Bunnies

Every year around the time that the snow melts and Calgary’s plentiful jackrabbit population begins to lose its white winter coat the police and local humane society start getting some funny phone calls.

Residents around the suburban edges of Calgary will sometimes peek outside to see a rabbit nibbling on new grass — a common enough sight. But then they will spot something that doesn’t seem quite right: The rabbit is hopping along, healthy as anything, but what’s weird is the arrow — complete with neon tail feathers — piercing the creature clean through.

A spokesperson for the Calgary Humane Society said the organization gets about 10 calls like this per year. Police, fish and wildlife or humane officers are dispatched, but more often than not, the bunny is gone before they get to the scene. So far this spring, two targeted rabbits have been caught alive. One survived surgery. The other died. Numerous sightings of frolicking arrow-shot bunnies have been reported in local media for the past several years.

The mystery endures; the culprits have eluded all detection, much less capture. Officials have been left to puzzle why anyone would shoot rabbits and leave them to suffer before dying.

“I think what it comes down to is that people are just tired of the bunnies. That’s probably what we’re finding, that in certain areas they certainly are a nuisance.

“But to take care of it in this type of a manner is definitely not right,” said Steve Adair, a detective with the Calgary Police Service.

Police have taken fingerprints from the recovered arrows from the two rabbits caught so far this year. They were two different kinds of arrows, shot from different types of bows, Det. Adair said — indicating more than one person is responsible.

Bylaws prohibit shooting arrows in city limits, but it’s not illegal to hunt the animals. Bunnies are so plentiful in the region that it’s open season year round, said Ed Pirogowicz, a fish and wildlife officer with the province.

The only time police would lay charges in the case is if there were signs of animal cruelty. That’s why police officers are keen to find out who shot the rabbits, and why.

“Basically, you can hunt rabbits throughout the year and you can hunt them with a bow and arrow and a firearm where it’s legal to to do so. Unfortunately if it does not hit them right, [the arrow] can just pass through and it doesn’t do any damage to the internal organs. The animal can survive,” says Pirogowicz.

In other words, it’s entirely possible that legal hunters hit the rabbits, but missed the internal organs. The animals could have then just hopped away into nearby suburban yards.

The only laws that may have been broken are bylaws prohibiting discharge of a weapon; police would need to show the bunny shooters had no intention of consuming the creature in order to prove it was an act of cruelty.

“The problem with rabbits, and the two we’ve located this year, is that we don’t know where they were shot, we don’t know what the intent of the shooter was and so there would be no way anybody could proceed criminally,” says Detective Adair.

Police haven’t ruled out the possibility that the bunnies are being shot on nearby farms or reserves.

Needless to say, police are keen to know whether too avid hunters are taking their sport inside Calgary limits. But Det. Adair said they hadn’t even received reports of someone carrying a bow and arrow in Calgary. The case of Calgary’s arrowed bunnies remains a mystery.

“It’s [a problem] that is probably never going to go away, but with these two bunnies being found so close together, and the fact that they were found alive has certainly brought them to the media’s attention.”

Although the bunnies may have been shot legally, fish and wildlife officers likewise say they prefer to hear about wayward injured rabbits. If they can catch the critters, they can help them or put them out of their misery.

“If people do see them, we wouldn’t mind a call. Sometimes we can react. Other times they are gone and it’s hard to do anything. Last summer there was a rabbit with an arrow through its jaw and we had to put the rabbit down,” says Pirogowicz. “We don’t mind getting calls like that, we can deal with it to ensure the animal isn’t suffering.”

"Being able to kill a large jackrabbit with a single arrow can be tricky," says Toronto archery instructor Charles Moffat. "You really do need to hit in a vital location. Otherwise they will just hop away so fast you won't get a second shot at them. That is why it is so important for a hunter to have really good aim and kill the animal on the first shot so they don't leave the poor creature in pain."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bizarre Examples of Cosmetic Surgery

Guest Post by Zara.

Before I go on to curious cases of cosmetic surgery going haywire, let us just say that this obsession with personal beauty often leads people down a dangerous road - where they often lose more than they bargained for.

Well, here’s a low-down on what happens when we think too high of our finesse to manipulate nature and
cross the line, making it even worse than what nature intended. Use of cosmetic surgery? Yes. But not “Abuse of cosmetic surgery”.

Hang Mioku - The classic case of trying too hard against nature.

A 48-year old woman from South Korea, became so compulsive to cosmetic surgery that she was left
unidentifiable after her mania caused her to self- inject edible oil into her face. Her face turned grotesquely

Hang Mioku had her first cosmetic surgery when she was 28. Being obsessed to plastic surgery, she had cosmetic operation after cosmetic operation. Her face was, subsequently left enlarged and deformed.

Surgeons she consulted declined to take up any more procedures on her and one even exhorted that her
compulsion could be indicative of psychological disorder.

Michael Jackson – The case of overdoing it.

It’s difficult to forget how downright normal Jack looked way back in the 70’s and 80’s, in fact attractive before cosmetically altering himself into a sideshow freak. He is reputed to have had 10 cosmetic procedures on his nose.

Jocelyn Wildenstein: a $4 million monster.

In the late 70’s there lived a beautiful woman called Jocelyn Wildenstein. She truly had it made. She was a
young mother of two married to a very rich art dealer. That’s until she found out her husband in bed with a 21-yr Russian model. Now, any normal person would simply leave her husband and take off all his monies with her. Not this woman. She resolved to win her husband back and turn more beautiful by way of going under the knife.

Well, anyway her husband deserted her. But she will always have her cosmetic surgeon.

Donatella Versace – The case of getting caught in a maze.

It definitely did go wrong with Donatella Versace. She made a cartoon of herself. She underwent a facelift, a nose job, lips surgery, and even Botox to erase wrinkles off her face.

Amanda Lepore – The grass is greener on the other side.

The most eccentric of the cosmetic surgeries. The well- known transsexual. She (or is it he) had her first
surgery at 15.

Pete Burns – Another case of over-doing it

He had a string of reconstructive surgeries. He had nose-reshaping, cheek implants. It was due to heavy
polyacrylamide injections into his lips that made things horrifyingly wrong.

Jackie Stallone – Yet another case of over-doing it.

Mother of popular star Sylvester Stallone, she was well-known for claiming that she can converse with dogs about the future, she even started a psychic hotline that would charge callers for advice. She tried everything: brow lift, facelift, nose job, cheek implants, and lip jobs. Now she’s relatively popular for what appears like a bit too much of plastic surgery.

Michaela Romanini – Abusing cosmetic surgery.

A woman in her 40s – Famous Italian socialite. She ended up looking terrible after a string of lip collagen

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Canada is poorly equipped to deal with a nuclear war

In the event of a nuclear war happening in the near future the Canadian government is poorly equipped to carry on governing. Here is why:

#1. The Canadian military has a shortage of people, machinery and military bases to support a government. Canada's 27 military bases are poorly equipped and if just 9 of the bases are taken out by nuclear strikes Canada's military will be crippled and unable to maintain any control.

#2. The Canadian government has a shortage of bunkers. Built during the 1960s and jokingly called "Diefenbunkers" they include 6 regional government bunkers and 8 communication bunkers. HOWEVER, since the end of the Cold War most of these bunkers have been decommissioned and one of them now operates as a tourist attraction holding a war musem.

#3. No realistic government contingency plan in the event of a nuclear war. There is a contingency plan for maintaining a government during a nuclear war, but it dates back to the 1960s. It has not been updated in 50 years.

#4. In the event of a nuclear war the most valuable things to civilians will be guns, medicine and food. In that order. Money will be useless. In order to maintain control over the survivors the government will need to exchange guns, medicine and food - which means they need stockpiles of such things. Canada has no such stockpiles. We are completely vulnerable and people will be basically fending for themselves.

#5. Now while it is true that Canada has a high number of guns per capita (higher than the USA on a per capita basis), most of those guns are in the hands of collectors who you can bet won't want to share them with the general populace. Canada doesn't have a lot of civilian militias (the USA does, but in Canada we have peanuts).

#6. It is also true that Canada has lots of farm land and vast natural resources - except the average Canadian doesn't know how to farm - and knows even less about hunting. 80% of Canadians live in the southern cities. Only 20% of Canadians live in rural regions - and those who do know how to farm, don't really know how to do so without tractors and other farm machinery.

#7. No stockpiles of seeds. The Monsanto corporation controls (and creates) 99% of the world's seeds. Most of the seeds are genetically modified. Older seed varieties are collected by a rare few horticulturalists, but its a rare few who do that. Canada's agriculture industry - even if we could farm without gasoline/diesel stockpiles - would be beyond repair.

#8. No stockpiles of gasoline and diesel. Canada is almost entirely reliant on oil refineries in the USA. There are a handful of oil refineries in Canada, but they aren't really conveniently located and are ill-equipped to handle the needs of a post-nuclear war society.

#9. No action plan for civilians. Civilians really don't have a clue what is expected of them in the event of a nuclear war. If pop culture is to be believed, most civilians would flee the cities and squabble over transportation / food / water / guns within the first couple of weeks. Some of them might even attempt to stay in cities to wait it out (and die from radiation sickness if they are close to a nuclear blast zone). Medical supplies would become more important as time progresses.


Assuming you are a survivor of course.

#1. Don't sit around waiting for the government / mass media to tell you what to do. Leave the major cities immediately - as quickly as possible because secondary attacks may come later and hit other parts of the city. Travel to a rural community furthest from the destruction, avoid military bases which may have also been targeted by nuclear missiles.

#2. Arm yourself and armour yourself. You want to be wearing thicker clothing in the event you are attacked with hand-to-hand weapons (bullets will become scarce in a hurry). Bladed weapons, crossbows, bows/arrows will be the best weapons long term, but if you have the opportunity to snag yourself some heavier ammunition and weapons you should do so.

#3. Don't worry about food right away. People will be looting and fighting over canned goods. Grocery stores will be riot zones and you are more likely to be killed there. Instead travel light and fast and gather food as you travel. Putting distance between you nuclear fallout zones quickly.

#4. For transportation steal an ambulance if possible. This will provide transportation and a small supply of medical supplies which be usable later. Otherwise aim for vehicles which are either small (and able to get around snarled traffic) or capable of going off-road. Avoid congested traffic. Back roads / suburbia will be less clogged. Don't overlook bicycles and bicycle trails which head out of the city. If walking follow the railroad lines as they will be the straightest line out of the city. If you live near a lake or river that has boats you might be able to get out that way, but if you are further inland it will be faster to go by car, motorcycle, bicycle or street-smart foot.

#5. Collect basic medical supplies as you go. If you pass by drug stores en route try to find penicillin and other common anti-biotics. If you have a health condition (allergies, diabetes, etc) stock up on any medicines you need for that. Also look for painkillers, vitamins, large reusable bandages, alcohol for sterilization, anything else that looks useful - but remember to travel light.

#6. Don't worry about camping gear right away. You can sleep in abandoned cars or buildings instead. Once you get out of the major cities then you can start worrying about camping equipment - and only that which you can easily carry.

#7. Fire. At some point you are going to start worrying your ability to start a fire. Get two lighters. One main one and one backup. You can learn how to make a fire using survivalist methods later (try to find a survival book in a bookstore sometime while making your way out of the city).

#8. Don't drink water from rivers or lakes. They could be contaminated with bacteria or even radiation from upstream. Getting dysentery will slow you down significantly (symptoms include frequent passage of feces with blood and/or mucus and in some cases vomiting of blood). E.coli also travels via bacteria infected water (main symptom is diarrhea, but it also weakens your immune system, dehydration, prolonged illness and can be fatal).

#9. When cooking meat make certain it is well-done. You don't want to risk a bacteria infection.

#10. Wash your fruits and veggies with water before eating. The dust from nuclear fallout is not healthy to eat.

#11. Sleep in-doors at night if near a nuclear fallout zone. Further underground is best, especially caves as the rocks will provide the best protection from gamma radiation. Get away from fallout zones by keeping an eye out for people who appear to be suffering from radiation sickness.

#12. Avoid nuclear rain - rainfall after a nuclear war will likely contain particles that could cause radiation sickness. While an umbrella and heavy clothing doesn't provide complete protection, it doesn't hurt either. Don't drink the rain water.

#13. Ally yourself with others heading in the same direction. Remember general anarchy will be the main order of business since the Canadian government and military will be utterly useless. Beware of people who may be heading in a different direction who may try to rob you and take your weapons / supplies.

#14. Once you arrive at your destination - fortify it and bunker down for 8 to 10 days as the nuclear fallout continues. You will need to ration your food supplies. You can probably stand to lose weight anyway. After one or two rainfalls it will be safer to go outside.

#15. Once your shelter is secure start looking for more supplies. Everything from weapons, ammo, medical supplies, food, vitamin pills

#16. Avoid breathing in radioactive dust until after the first rainfall. Clean yourself regularly to decontaminate - abandon your old clothing and replace with new clothing from a region not/less affected from the blast. Microscopic beta particles (radioactive dust) will settle in your clothes, hair skin regularly and you can remove them by washing with water or wiping yourself down with a towel and shaking the dust off your clothes. Water is best, but if you have a shortage of water use the shaking method.

#17. 35% of people exposes to high doses of radiation die within the first 30 days. Expect to lose friends, family members and allies you met along the way. People with lower dosages of radiation may still die, but it may take them months or even years.

#18. Potassium iodide can help protect you from thyroid cancer due to radiation. Its available in pharmacies without a prescription - so it should be easy to find.

#19. Learn how to fight, shoot, hunt, martial arts and perform a variety of exercises to stay in shape / stay fit - you never know when your physical fitness may be tested.

#20. Start thinking long term survival once you are settled in a safe location. Society will need to be rebuilt. Expect mutant babies (no superpowers) to die quickly. It will be decades before society reaches something recognizable and various "hot zones" will need to be avoided for a long time before people can start returning to those regions.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dennis Rodman meets Korean leader

Rarely do politics and sports mix.

On the right you are looking at a photograph of basketball star Dennis Rodman laughing while watching a basketball exhibition in Pyongyang, North Korea, with Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea - a country which is technically still at war with the USA because an armistice was never signed at the end of the Korean War.

Kim Jong-un attended the game Thursday and watched alongside Rodman, and later also invited Rodman, three Harlem Globetrotters and the Vice Media crew (filming the group's trip to North Korea for a documentary) to his palace for a party.

The group of basketball players and filmmakers landed in Pyongyang on Tuesday with approval from North Korean authorities to conduct exhibitions and film the documentary, but it was not promised that Kim would meet with the group. Although it is known that Kim Jong-un is a big basketball fan.

In other news North Korea recently conducted another nuclear weapons test, in preparation for a possible nuclear war with the USA.

The exhibition game had combinations of American and North Korean basketball players on both sides. The game is said to have ended in a 110-110 tie.

Pope Benedict the Evil Resigns

Pope Benedict XVI (sometimes jokingly referred to as "Pope Benedict the Evil") has resigned the papacy.

Some 150,000 people, many waving banners proclaiming "Grazie!", cheered as the "evil pope" officially resigned in St. Peter's Square. They bore witness to the final hours of a papacy that will go down in history as the first in 600 years to end in resignation rather than death.

The Evil Pope Benedict basked in the emotional send-off much like Richard Nixon leaving the White House. He took a long victory lap around the square in an open-sided car, and stopped to kiss and bless half a dozen babies. Seventy cardinals sat in solemn attendance - some of them no doubt already plotting to replace the ex-pope with themselves.

There are 1.18 billion Catholics in the world, making up the flock which believes that the Pope is "the voice of god on earth". But it is cardinals who will vote in a complicated ritual to decide the next pope - a process that involves much political scheming.

Historically the papacy has been much fought over. Would-be popes have even charged to war against each other in order to secure the papacy - of course, that also dated back to when the popes had concubines and frolicked with women and men alike.

These days they only frolick with choir boys.

Pope Benedict has said he decided to retire after realizing that, at 85, he simply didn't have the "strength of mind or body" to carry on.

Pope Benedict the Evil's tenure has been beset by the clerical sex abuse scandal in which he was personally involved in a cover up of sex abuse by priests, plus discord over everything from priestly celibacy to women's ordination, and most recently the betrayal by his own butler, who stole his private papers and leaked them to a journalist.

Pundits now believe his resignation was a wise move and an effort to stave off future scandals, most likely linking the pope directly to the sexual abuse of children.

Pope Benedict will go down in history as the most mocked and most scandalous pope in recent history. But to read more about the history of evil popes check out the webpage Papal Impropriety.

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